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"I arrived in Miami by myself From marianao la Havana Cuba I was 11 years old. After a short stay in Miami I was sent to St Vincent's home Saginaw Michigan I stayed at that orphanage from Feb till Early June. My sister and her husband Arrived from ..."
josefina Longueira Monroy
"Was in Florida for a short time. Was sent to a foster home in Evansville, Indiana. It was an old couple who never had kids. Since I came with only 2 change of clothes the lady made me some shirts and skirts. But things didn’t work out because I didn’t wan..."
Estrella Marti Cabo
"I left Cuba on June 27,1961 at 1:00 PM in a PAM AM flight. At arrival at Miami my father's aunt Sylvia and her brother Jimmy picked me up. I stayed with my father's aunt Sylvia for a couple of days and then was sent to Kendall. There I was for few weeks..."
Virgilio A Beltran Fernandez de Castro
"June 24, 2010. After living in this great country for almost 48 years,I come to find out that both my brother and I are Pedro Pan Kids. We became aware of the Pedro Pan Operations a couple of months because of TV reports on Haiti earthquake orphaned ..."
Jose R Montes Sori
"I Left Cuba with my 2 older cousins and lived with a wonderful family in Cincinnati Ohio till my parents arrived. I remember telling my dad as I was leaving his side at the airport "if you want me to stay i'll stay. He later told me it was the hardest ..."
Fermin O. Muni Gonzalez
"On March 20, 1962 My sister Susana 8 and I, almost 11, left Cuba on a Pan Am flight to Miami. Our older brother, Enrique 14, had left for Miami November 04, 1961 and all we understood was that our trip would lead us to where he was. It was strange, excit..."
Teresita O. Perez Vazquez
"Me and my sister came together on Feb 28, 1962. I was 11 and she was 14. Her name is Vivian Martinez. We spent about a month in the camp in Florida and then we were sent to Rockford, IL. We stayed with a dentist family for about a year until they moved to..."
Roberto Martinez Rodriguez

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Jose Amaro Pedro R.
This might be the person you're looking for: PEDRO RENATO PELAEZ, BUSINESS ADDRESS: 782 NW 42ND AVE SUITE 429, MIAMI Florida 33126. HOME...
Sun 9am
Jorge Luis Macias Pedro R.
Hola, intento contactar con Pedro Renato Pelaez, es su familia de Cienfuegos, que perdió total comunicación con este señor y hace mucho no s...
Wed 6pm
Hola Noeli! Ana Maria's last name is Foll, not Fiol, that is why she could not be found. I confirmed this by referring to the airport log ...
Aug 12th 2019
Flora Roberto
My brother and I arrived on the same day. I wonder if we were on the same flight. I was 10 and he was 11. Lucky for us we went to live with ...
Aug 9th 2019
Where is the information on Ana María Arce Fiol. She was in Kendall in October, 1961 and her information has been deleted.
Jul 20th 2019
Where is the information that was posted previously for Ana María Arce Fiol? She was in Kendall October 1961 and is not accounted for in the database.
Jul 20th 2019
I can%u2019t find Ana María Arce in the database. Someone is blocking her information. She arrived in Kendall shortly after 10/10/1961. She was in Ken
Jul 16th 2019
Jose Amaro Estrella M
Welcome, Estrella! Are you still in touch with members of the foster family in Vincennes?
Jul 11th 2019
Lourdes Garcia Jose
I am tears reading your story. My parents came to the US in 1959 so I was born here. It breaks my heart to read your story and so many other...
Jul 11th 2019
requesting connection
Jun 16th 2019
requesting connection
Jun 16th 2019
Ana Zimmerman Ana Maria
I was a student sy St Patrick's Academy in Momence , Illinois for 2 years after by arrival in USA.
Jun 16th 2019
Anonymous Alfredo F
Hola, Alfredo. Soy trustee del grupo Pedro Pan en Miami y estoy a cargo de reunir datos históricos de la operación. Hasta ahora sólo sabiamo...
Jun 9th 2019
Anonymous Alfredo F
Hola, Alfredo. Soy trustee del grupo Pedro Pan en Miami y estoy a cargo de reunir datos históricos de la operación. Hasta ahora sólo sabiamo...
Jun 9th 2019
Juan J. Santandreu Serafina Vivian
Buenos tardes Serafina (Vivian): Supongo que eres la persona que estoy intentando contactar. La ultima ves que te vi fue en Mayo de 1962 cu...
Jun 8th 2019

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