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"I came to the United States alone carrying my favorite doll, Albertico. I had just turned seven and really did not fully understand that I was leaving the world I knew for good. I thought I was going to visit my cousins in Miami for "a while"... I ..."
María De los Ángeles Menéndez Menéndez
"I live in the great northwest Portland Oregon. Lived in Los Angeles for 20 yrs. and only spent a few months in Miami. I have never forgotten the island nor my departure. Sometimes I recall the sounds and smells as though it was yesterday. I would like to ..."
Adalberto P. O'Reilly Oria
"I arrived in Miami, after spending 2 days in Kingston, Jamaica, in January. I was taken directly to St. Joseph Villa located on NW 7th Street and 32nd Avenue. There I found a cousin of mine who had arrived a couple of weeks earlier. I remember it was r..."
Ana María Hernández Basas
"My story, the short version: - entered on Dec. 25, 1961 (saddest and happy day) - stayed in Florida City for 2 weeks - Relocated to St. Joseph's Home, Helena Montana on or about January 27, 1962. - Resided for a few days or weeks until a wonderful fo..."
Jorge Modesto Menéndez Balseiro
"I was 12 years old and my sister Oneida was 9 when we arrived in Miami on November 20, 1961. We were met by George who whisked and took us to his home. At his home his wife fed us our first TV dinner, one of our many 'firsts'. From there, we went on t..."
Raysa García Guerra
"Over the years, my children have enjoyed looking at old photo albums from when I was a young girl in Cuba. They would ask me about why I came to the United States when I was happily living in a beautiful place surrounded by family and friends. Now after ..."
Silvia M. Cerviño Alayón
"DECEMBER 19 1961 i boarded a plane to miami with my two sisters, isa age 10 maggie age 8 and myself age 12. my father told me i had to take care of them for a short time until the rest of my large family would follow us He assured me they would join me ..."
Ricardo J. Sabatés Ramírez

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Hector Teresita
Teresita, mi nombre es Hector Alvarez de la Torre, Pedro (Pan Matecumbe) Un amigo el Sr.Carlos Garcia me pidio que la buscara en este Websi...
Mon 5pm
Manuel A. Gutiérrez Eddie
Eddie, why does the database claim that you arrived on September 11, 1960? The first pedropan kids arrived in December!
Mon 4pm
Jose Amaro Francisco
Frank: Recibimos en la pagina de FB de Operacion Pedro Pan Group el siguiente mensaje para ti: "hola estamos buscando ha un senor nombrado f...
May 11th 2016
Noelia María Monné Jorge A.
Manuel, eres de Maravilla. Gracias por mantener a mi hermano vivo en tus comentarios mensuales sobre los verdaderos muchachos del Campo Mate...
Apr 23rd 2016
Message from reader: I am looking for a Pat(maybe Patrick) Sanchez who came to Tampa in probably 1962. I attended Hillsborough High School w...
Apr 15th 2016
Jose Amaro Carlos P
May he rest in peace! See:
Apr 9th 2016
Jose Amaro Ofelia
Ofelia passed away in November 2007. Please, see obituary:
Apr 8th 2016
Hi Maria, My name is Dalia. I just found out about this Network and started to search for people who have arrived the same day that my si...
Mar 8th 2016
Read the very nice article on Jorge Enrique's recent visit to Cuba:
Mar 8th 2016
Felicidades a los que llegaron conmigo hoy 22 de febrero 1962
Feb 22nd 2016
jose amaro Vivian A
Please, visit for newspaper clipping on your reunion with parents in Oregon.
Feb 14th 2016
Hi, Lourdes. Please, reach me at As a trustee and researcher for Operation Pedro Pan Group, I would like to feature y...
Jan 16th 2016
Bernardo o cualquiera que sepa de el y su hermano Tony. Contactame por Estoy en Miami con Rene, Mayito y en contacto con Pepe...
Jan 16th 2016
Quelin Antonio Isaac
Tony o cualquiera que sepa de el y su hermano Bernardo. Contactame por Estoy en Miami con Rene, Mayito y en contacto con Pepe...
Jan 16th 2016
Manuel A. Gutiérrez Jorge A.
Socio, me enteré que has pasado a mejor vida. Siento no haber podido reconectar en nuestra vejez y converser de Nuevo. Que Dios te de la bie...
Jan 7th 2016

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