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"I arrived that with no idea what the future will hold. My aunt Lilian Casals pick me up at Miami Airport went to to the Panam hotel. Ten days later I was in flight to Chicago to live with friend of my mother Ada Torres she a great woman treated me like so..."
Raul Gonzalez Casals
"I came to the United States alone carrying my favorite doll, Albertico. I had just turned seven and really did not fully understand that I was leaving the world I knew for good. I thought I was going to visit my cousins in Miami for "a while"... I ..."
María De los Ángeles Menéndez
"June 24, 2010. After living in this great country for almost 48 years, I come to find out that both my brother and I are Pedro Pan Kids. We became aware of the Pedro Pan Operations a couple of months because of TV reports on Haiti earthquake orphaned..."
Jose R Montes Sori
"LITTLE KNOWN PIECE OF INFORMATION I thought I should share with all Peter Pans. In a sort of a Jesuit Seminary” in El Vedado back in late 1959 thru 1961 supervised by Florentino Azcoitia, SJ and next door neighbor Luis Ripoll SJ, with Manuel Maza, Willie..."
Roberto Rodriguez Ramon
"Without a doubt it is our parents who deserve a lot of credit for their courageous and unselfish decision to let us part in an effort to allow us the opportunity of a more promising future, and for that I will forever be grateful to them. It was not unti..."
Casandra Montero Santana
"My story is unique, as is each one of the over 14,000 stories of the Pedro Pan exodus. To read mine, please go to and click on Eloisa's Story."
Eloísa Echazábal Pi
"SATURDAY AUGUST 12, 1961 HAPPY 55TH BIRTHDAY to landing in the land of freedom and democracy. On that day we arrived on a Pan American World Airways flight at Miami International Airport my three cousins and me, I was 10 my cousins were 11, 14 and 16 than..."
Pablo S Garcia Liriano

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Delia rojas Delia
Miss our anniversary by one day. May 26 1962. No puedo creer que ya sean 55 yrs de nuestra llegada sister.
May 27th 2017
Margaret Ferraioli Alejandro Ricardo
Guides al Colegio de Nuestra Sra. D'e Guadalupe en Santa Fe?
Apr 28th 2017
How can I find a list of children that came in 1962
Apr 12th 2017
Welcome! Jose A. Amaro Reyes, Operation Pedro Pan Group [OPPG] trustee and History Committee member.
Apr 6th 2017
Welcome! Jose A. Amaro Reyes, Operation Pedro Pan Group [OPPG] trustee and History Committee member.
Apr 6th 2017
Feb 24th 2017
February 22,1962,,, happy anniversary to all that arrived with me on this date.
Feb 22nd 2017
Emilio Santos Jose M.
Jose Manuel we have tried to reach you,and Get in touch with you.
Feb 19th 2017
Alina Santos Emilio
Emilio,love you forever❤️❤️
Feb 19th 2017
Cerquillo NO conozco ningun peter pan ..solo conozco "PEDRO PANS "SORRY I COULD NOT HELP YOU ..El Frances de Matecumbe.
Feb 19th 2017
Elsa Lamelas Elsa de la Caridad
Sí, me acuerdo de Uds. Creo que nos escribimos una o dos veces despues que dejamos el campamento. No tengo ninguna de idea de lo que hicie...
Feb 15th 2017
Quiero pedirles a todos los Peter Pans ayuda en lo que puedan. Necesitamos ayuda con los menores de 18, como nosotros, que han llegado. 786-281-2105
Feb 1st 2017
Alicia Juncosa Jose Antonio
Hi Jose Antonio, my name is Alicia Juncosa and I'm a friend of Julian "Julie" G. Perez, Julian Alberto's Perez brother. As you probably know...
Jan 27th 2017
Hello Rafael , llegaste a Matecumbe 8 dias antes que yo , aunque no te recuerdo hoy en algun momentos nos vimos en Matecumbe , yo siempre es...
Dec 10th 2016
Dec 5th 2016

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