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"My brother and me Came on September 18, 1961. We were relocated to St. John's Villa in Carrollton, Ohio and stayed until 1963. "
Georgina Perez Vera
"I was 13 when I arrived at the Miami Airport to be taken to John Pennecamp. Not knowing anyone was so scary. I have never been separated from my parents and family. I sobbed all night while other girls were trying to find out who were the newcomers. Camp..."
Silvia Luisa Consuegra Ramos
"June 24, 2010. After living in this great country for almost 48 years,I come to find out that both my brother and I are Pedro Pan Kids. We became aware of the Pedro Pan Operations a couple of months because of TV reports on Haiti earthquake orphaned ..."
Jose R Montes Sori
"I arrived in Miami on April 15th, 1961 in the last PAA flight before the Bay of Pigs invasion,and one day after the pre-invasion bombing of Columbia military airfield.On April 14th/61 we sat inside the plane for a long time only to be told that the flight..."
Enrique F. Casero Perez
"Los Pedro Panes ya somos más bien Prehistóricos Pedro Panes (duros). Me acerco peligrosamente a los 70 y aunque cante como Celia, "Volveré", lo dudo mucho. ¿Qué Ñ hizo Cuba para merecer ésto? ¿Alguno de los que nos lanzaron al abismo algo que decir? ..."
Gerardo Luis Gutiérrez Novoa
"I arrived in Miami with my brother Juan on August 2, 1961 and lived in Kendall until August 30, 1961. My brother was in the first group to live in Matecumbe. He was transferred there during the month of August. We were both sent to Wichita, Kansas on 8..."
Jorge Mas Enjamio
"From Matecumbe to temporary home with the Trahan family in Helena, Montana, and later Brondell Hall"
Sergio A Hernandez Rufin

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Estuvistes en Florida City, casa de Bueso?
Sep 12th 2018
Anonymous Antonio A
Mr. Ampudia, aprendista a usar el arco y la flecha?
Sep 8th 2018
Marisol Orlando G
Hola, mi nombre es Marisol. Estoy estudiando el procesod de Pedro Pan. Le queria preguntar, Ahora que a paso tiempo como se ciente sobre su ...
Sep 4th 2018
Raul F Pendas Eduardo
Hi Eduardo, Did you ever contacted Eduardo 9El Negro)?
Jul 30th 2018
Felicidades a todos mis hermanos Pedro Panes que llegamos el 23 de Julio, 1962, en el segundo vuelo de Pan Am. Cumplimos 56 años en este gran país.
Jul 24th 2018
Marta Figueredo Marta R
I have a lot to say. It was very sad to come without family yo the USA. The flight I remember was filled with children most crying. The stew...
Jun 20th 2018
Carlos W. Bermudez Carlos G.
Conoci a Carlos Rosello el cual tocaba la trompeta magnificamente, espero que se encuentre bien.
May 28th 2018
delia Delia
Another yr 56 en total desde el 26 de mayo de 1962.
May 26th 2018
Helen Waddell Dolores \"Loly\"
Dear Dolores, I hope my message finds you well and it’s alright to reach out to you. I came across your post and wondered if you are ...
May 2nd 2018
Gerardo Luis Gutierr... Guillermo R
No se ni que decir...
Apr 13th 2018
Helen Waddell George
Hello Jorge, I am researching for a PBS series called ‘We’ll Meet Again,’ presented by the highly regard...
Mar 30th 2018
Helen Waddell Diego A.
Dear Diego, I hope my message finds you well. I saw your post on the Miami Herald Pedro Pan site and wondered if my research is relevant...
Mar 28th 2018
Helen Waddell Juan
Dear Juan, I hope my message finds you well. I saw your post on the Miami Herald Pedro Pan site and wondered if my research is relevant ...
Mar 28th 2018
Lynn Guarch-Pardo Maria Conchita
Maria Conchita, I'm George's daughter. Please contact me by email. I have some information for you.
Mar 7th 2018
Juan: Ana Simanca's son Milo Marquez is trying to reach you. I gave him your office phone number. He can be reached via email at mmarqu37@ms...
Feb 18th 2018

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