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"My story my brother and sister came with me and after 2 0r 3 days in Delray we went to NYC TO LIVE WITH relatives and my mom came9 months later.MY FATHER WAS PUT IN JAIL AND HE DIED IN CUBA I NEVER SAW ANY OTHER FAMILY MEMBER EXCEPT FOR MY AUNT AND GRANDM..."
"I arrived in Miami with my brother Juan on August 2, 1961 and lived in Kendall until August 30, 1961. My brother was in the first group to live in Matecumbe. He was transferred there during the month of August. We were both sent to Wichita, Kansas on 8..."
Jorge Mas Enjamio
"Hola, my name is Rebecca Rodríguez and my dad was a Peter Pan. He and his parents passed away about more than ten years ago in Puerto Rico, where I was born. Since then, my sister, Erika Paola, and me, have been trying to reconnect with his Cuban family. ..."
Manuel Rodríguez Hernández
"I came in Dec., at the age of 9. Alone and was processed in Florida City and went to Buffalo, NY to Immaculate Heart. There, I was under, Sister Mary Celaine. I remember 2 other Cuban girls, sisters, who helped me so much. I need more information. I ..."
Isabel Martínez Hernández
"Y bueno.... nos hacemos harina, o cañengos, u ocambos que dirían algunos. Se "ñamaba" y así se quedó, por mucho que el prieto se enamore con raulito. Menos mal que Rubio aún predica en el desierto. "
Gerardo Luis Gutiérrez Novoa
"What I remember on the date of the flight I sat with 2 very good friends: Robert Cohen and Isabelita-I don't know her last name. I tried finding Robert after my tour with the U.S. Army, but to know avail. In looking for him in this data I noticed that..."
Manuel R. Galán Alba
"Florida Heritage Landmark Dedication Ceremony, Historical Reference By Carmen Valdivia, OPPG Historic Committee Chairperson OPPG Board of Directors Florida City Alumni The state of Florida has designated the Operation Pedro Pan's Florida City Ca..."
María del Carmen Valdivia Martínez

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Felicidades a todos nosotros que llegamos el 23 de Julio, 1962. Commemoramos 53 años de nuestra llegada.
Thu 3pm
Also, are there any Pedro Pans kids that attended Cathedral School.
Jul 18th 2015
Those anyone know if there is a Pedro Pan group in the Tampa Bay area.
Jul 18th 2015
George Mas Manuel A
May you RIP
Jul 16th 2015
I would love to catch up with anyone who arrived on January 25 1962. Please contact me.
Jun 28th 2015
Please remember that Anonymous messages are not accepted in this network. Thank you.
Jun 23rd 2015
Maria Julia Caravia,... Noel
Voy a ir a Miami en Septiembre y quisiera verte y conocer a tu familia.
Jun 21st 2015
That is wonderful, Rebecca!
Jun 21st 2015
A while ago, you shared on Facebook our story. I just want to say that we have met recently with my dad%u2019s cousins in LA and PR. Thank you so much
Jun 20th 2015
Haydee. Any information on Immaculate Heart would be helpful . In the next few days I will be uploading the pics that I have.
Jun 19th 2015
Eloisa, my email is Isabel Martinez Hernandez Date of arrival Dec 17, 1961 Gracias
Jun 19th 2015
Isabel, I can get you a copy of the log. Pls. email me your address at
Jun 19th 2015
Hello. I remember seeing the actual Pan Am Roster for the day I arrived. Dec 17, 1961. Any idea where to find it. I should have saved it!!
Jun 18th 2015
Hector Alvarez de la... Alejandro
Alejandro, tu Padre le ha pedido a un amigo mio de Las Tunas,Cuba que lo ayude ha localizarte,si lees este mensaje llamame Hector Alvarez de...
Jun 15th 2015
A very moving story. Hope I get to read your book.
May 22nd 2015

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