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"June 24, 2010. After living in this great country for almost 48 years,I come to find out that both my brother and I are Pedro Pan Kids. We became aware of the Pedro Pan Operations a couple of months because of TV reports on Haiti earthquake orphaned ..."
Jose R Montes Sori
"I Left Cuba with my 2 older cousins and lived with a wonderful family in Cincinnati Ohio till my parents arrived. I remember telling my dad as I was leaving his side at the airport "if you want me to stay i'll stay. He later told me it was the hardest ..."
Fermin O. Muni Gonzalez
"On March 20, 1962 My sister Susana 8 and I, almost 11, left Cuba on a Pan Am flight to Miami. Our older brother, Enrique 14, had left for Miami November 04, 1961 and all we understood was that our trip would lead us to where he was. It was strange, excit..."
Teresita O. Perez Vazquez
"Me and my sister came together on Feb 28, 1962. I was 11 and she was 14. Her name is Vivian Martinez. We spent about a month in the camp in Florida and then we were sent to Rockford, IL. We stayed with a dentist family for about a year until they moved to..."
Roberto Martinez Rodriguez
"My brother and me Came on September 18, 1961. We were relocated to St. John's Villa in Carrollton, Ohio and stayed until 1963. "
Georgina Perez Vera
"I was 13 when I arrived at the Miami Airport to be taken to John Pennecamp. Not knowing anyone was so scary. I have never been separated from my parents and family. I sobbed all night while other girls were trying to find out who were the newcomers. Camp..."
Silvia Luisa Consuegra Ramos
"I arrived in Miami on April 15th, 1961 in the last PAA flight before the Bay of Pigs invasion,and one day after the pre-invasion bombing of Columbia military airfield.On April 14th/61 we sat inside the plane for a long time only to be told that the flight..."
Enrique F. Casero Perez

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Hola Richard, aunque no hablamos ni nos reunimos por questiones de caracter, que yo no puedo sobrellevar ni resistir, siempre me acuerdo de ...
Mar 16th 2019
A big hug and blessings to all our friends and family in the Pedro Pan Community-2019!
Feb 18th 2019
Jorge and Willie brothers that where at Puis XII From March 1961 to September 1963. If you know of them ask them to E-Mail me. Would like to contact
Feb 16th 2019
Story Hinckley Victoria (Vicky)
Hi Vicky! My name is Story Hinckley and I am a reporter with the CS Monitor. I am writing a story about the Pedro Pan Operation and I would ...
Feb 13th 2019
Story Hinckley Mario S
Hello Mario! My name is Story Hinckley and I am a reporter with the CS Monitor. I am writing a story about the Pedro Pan Operation and I wou...
Feb 12th 2019
Story Hinckley Maria Petronila
Hello Maria! My name is Story Hinckley and I am a reporter with the CS Monitor in Boston. I am writing a story on the Pedro Pan program, and...
Feb 12th 2019
Story Hinckley Silvia
Hello Silvia! My name is Story Hinckley and I am a reporter with the CS Monitor. I am writing a story on Pedro Pan and would love to ask you...
Feb 12th 2019
Tom J Peters Georgina A
07 Jan 2019 Hi Georgina whom I met at St Monica Catholic Church an School in 1961. I would like to contact you. I hope you had a good life a...
Jan 7th 2019
reina Rene Julian
Tu tienes email.. o face book...tengo fotos para ti
Dec 21st 2018
Teresita, thank you for sharing. Saludos, Jose Antonio Amaro Reyes, OPPG trustee and History Committee member.
Dec 13th 2018
Hola y bienvenido, Fermín. Do you have any photos of your foster family? We would like to feature them in our Facebook page: https//www.face...
Dec 13th 2018
Hola y bienvenido, Roberto. Por cierto que tengo en mis manos una foto en que apareces tú con tu perro en Rockford, Illinois, en 1966. Si la...
Dec 13th 2018
Maria A. Sorondo Cristina
Welcome to our network Cristina! My name is Maria de los Angeles Sorondo (Menendez). I arrived on August 13,1962 and stayed with the Cesari...
Dec 7th 2018
Elizabeth Gonzalez Silvia
My sister & I were at Mother Cabrini from April - July 1962. And yes, the orphanage is no longer there,
Dec 4th 2018
Estuvistes en Florida City, casa de Bueso?
Sep 12th 2018

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