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" "Passage Through Time" It was May 14, 1962, the day after Mother's Day; my youngest brother and I were getting ready to leave our homeland for an undetermined number of weeks, perhaps months. It was a very hot, sunny day and I was wearing..."
Beatriz Amézaga Wolf
"Hi, everybody..... it is exciting to find this great website and interactive database of all the Pedro Pan kids... this is a massive effort of the Miami Herald and I sure hope that by these means, we can re-connect with old friends from the different cam..."
Jesús S. Castaño
" In the Name of GOD I’ll write as I think it happened and at times to convey a tone. Please forgive any mistakes I might make. My experience as a Pedro Pan was good overall, but it was difficult and hurtful at times. It had been about a..."
Justo J. Rodríguez Castañeda
"My story is unique, as is each one of the over 14,000 Pedro Pan stories. Some are happier; some are sadder. I believe the decision to send my sister and me alone to the United States was made by my parents the moment they found out that the government was..."
Eloísa Echazábal Pi
"Llegue a Miami el 19 de octubre de 1961 con mis dos hermanos, Carmencita (la mayor) y Carlos (el mas chiquito). Nos llevaron al campamento de Kendall y alli estuvimos varios dias hasta que fuimos enviados a San Juan, Puerto Rico. Carlos y yo fuimos a casa..."
Raúl A. Pérez Cancelas
" Today, October 19th, 2011 marks a very important milestone in my life. On a day like this, fifty years ago, I arrived at the Miami Airport with my two younger brothers, Raul and Carlos. I would be forever grateful to my parents for their courage and sa..."
María del Carmen Pérez Cancelas (Romañach)
"MEMORIAS DEL AYER: Para mis hijas Isa+ y Carmen. Por Leonor Valdivia Después de unos pocos días Y de feliz esperanza, Empezó el fusilamiento En una loca venganza. Confiscaron propiedade..."
María Isabel Valdivia Martínez

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Hello Marcia - You left my father a message of "miss u" back on October 29, 2012. I am sorry to inform you my father passed away back in 19...
Mon 11am
Martha Justo J
Primo acabo de leer tu historia no fue facil para ti ni para mis tios ni para mi madre que tu eres su hijo mayor
Dec 17th 2014
Delia Delia
El Presidente Obama acaba de arruinar mis navidades 2014.
Dec 17th 2014
Justo, mi hermano! Por este medio fue que encontre a Jorge Perez, al igual que años antes a Jorge Rizo, como ves siempre uniendo ha nuestros...
Dec 15th 2014
Justo Jose Rodriguez Nick
Hola Narciso, maybe you're part of the reason why I decided to write my story. May God always protect you, brother! Justo
Dec 15th 2014
Nick Perez-Caurel Justo J
For quite sometime I've been trying to get other Pedro Pans to register here! Hope you have better luck. Abrazo Nick
Dec 13th 2014
Dear Brothers and Sisters, I've just uploaded some photos of a wonderful reunion we had in Helena, Montana last year! Merry Christmas!
Dec 12th 2014
If anyone is in touch with Loyda Lavandero please tell her 2 ck her email.I've written several times and it keeps getting returned. Thanks, Betty
Dec 8th 2014
Juan, Glad you joined our database. Stay in touch!
Dec 6th 2014
gustavo garay Arturo
Arturo,long time this is new to me,but its about time. Iam in hollywwood,fl.
Dec 4th 2014
san jorge Humberto C
hola humberto no se si tu eres el humberto que conoci en floriDA CITY EN casa de eres tu me justaria tener comunicacion contigo y...
Dec 4th 2014
Betty, re-posting your story is easy. First, log in. Then go to the link "edit my profile." Then you can make changes to your story. Be sure...
Dec 2nd 2014
Mi amiguita Eloisa, Can you tell me how to re-post my story? I know that we need to do that every so often and I couldn't do it. Email me i...
Dec 1st 2014
Dec 1st 2014
Hi Loyda, I tried contacting you today but the email was returned. Have you changed it from the one in your profile? Please contact me at...
Dec 1st 2014

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