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"I was first scheduled to leave Cuba in June or July 1961, but after traveling to Havana from Cienfuegos, where I lived the flight was canceled. Apparently there was a week in the June-July 1961 timeframe where flights were canceled. My father, once again,..."
Rogelio Ramon Puerto Rodriguez del Rey
"I vividly remember "la despedida"(the farewell). We had come from our hometown, Santa Clara, and were staying in our grandmother's home. We said goodbye to Abuela (my grandmother) and las tias (my aunts) inside. My sister Isa and I left with our mother..."
María del Carmen Valdivia Martínez
"La operación Pedro Pan comenzó como el programa de "Visa Waiver" del departamento de estado de EU. Se trataba de darle entrada a Estados Unidos a los menores de 16 años. Por supuesto, la visa le era negada a los mayores de 16 años, o sea, a los padre..."
Orlando G. Rodríguez Álvarez
"I was delivered to Florida City on January 5 1962, by “George” a name, my father made sure I knew upside down and sideways. I remember the night he told me I was to leave Cuba and come to the United States; we were in Havana, staying at the hotel La Nueva..."
Maria Petronila Hernandez Valdivia
"I arrived in Miami on July 20th 1962 at age 11. I spent one year at Florida city until I was reunited with my parents on July 4th 1963. My parents were able to leave Cuba on the fourth ship that brought medices and equipment to Cuba in exchange for the pl..."
Luis Serpa Gonzalez
"On a cloudy afternoon on June 8, 1962 I arrived from my native Cuba in what was to become a life long journey of discovery. By way of the Pedro Pan airlift, I, together with several thousand Cuban kids, arrived at tthe safe harbor of the United States. ..."
Isabel Victoria Del Rio Tuero
"I came from Herradura, P. Del Rio to the United States on July 17, 1962, along with two girls and another boy about my age and from the same hometown. At this time I only remember the boys nickname "Piojo". I remember that my parents telling me that wit..."
Joaquin Miranda Flores

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jose amaro Jose Antonio
One of the many reasons why parents felt Operation Pedro Pan was needed: Cuban youth executed by the communist government, 1959 - 1979. Cuba...
Dec 4th 2017
Hola, Mario. For several years now, I have been documenting the many places Pedro Pan children were sent to. I had never heard of St. Pius u...
Nov 26th 2017
Muchos saludos Melvin, ya ha pasado una vida desde la ultima vez que te salude Alfredo R. Boza
Nov 21st 2017
Lincoln Martinez Mario
Mario, we were part of the first group of Cuban kids at St. Pius, in Chester back in April '61. I remember you were one of the ones to firs...
Nov 19th 2017
Raquel Fernandez Joaquin
Dear Mr. Flores, I am an 8th grade student at American Heritage school in Plantation, FL. I’m doing a history project on Operation Pedro P...
Nov 2nd 2017
Anonymous Alicia
Hi, Alicia. I would like to forward to you a 1962 Florida City group photo that may include you and your twin sister Aleida. Please, email m...
Nov 2nd 2017
Madelaine Gonzalez Alfredo M
The Alfonso family, your grandmother's side of the family would love to find you. Please contact us.
Oct 16th 2017
Jose Amaro Maria Elvira
Maria Elvira: Hi, my name is Jose Amaro. I'm trustee of Operation Pedro Pan Group. I was wondering if you would be willing to answer some qu...
Oct 5th 2017
Nelson it is Gisela. Where are you?
Sep 3rd 2017
Manuel A. Gutiérrez Raisa B
According to information just received, Raisa (Godín) Williams passed away on July 28, 2017 in Bar Harbor, Maine.
Jul 29th 2017
Manuel A. Gutiérrez Olga C
Olga passed away on July 18. Please pray for her
Jul 26th 2017
I would like to see a copy of my flight manifest of July 17, 1962. My Email
Jul 24th 2017
Anonymous Estrella C
Hola, Estrella. I'm so sorry to hear about your father. It must have been so hard for all of you. Castro's prisons were and still are terrib...
Jul 20th 2017
I am attempting to locate Emma Rodriguez
Jun 28th 2017
Delia rojas Delia
Miss our anniversary by one day. May 26 1962. No puedo creer que ya sean 55 yrs de nuestra llegada sister.
May 27th 2017

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