Ripping off your refunds

Florida's tax fraud hot spots

Electronic filing identification numbers issued by the IRS are used by thousands of legitimate income tax preparers to file returns for multiple clients. But with lax IRS oversight, just about anyone can get one of the processing numbers — called EFINs for short — and they have been increasingly exploited by crooks submitting bogus returns in bulk and pocketing the refunds. Related story →

EFIN preparers by ZIP Code

In the past few years, the federal taxing agency has issued thousands of EFINs to purported electronic tax preparers throughout South Florida, especially in North Miami, North Miami Beach and Miami Gardens — hot spots for refund fraud, authorities say. The high concentration of EFIN preparers in those mostly poor inner-city neighborhoods is similar to Miami’s traditional business districts, such as Brickell Avenue.

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EFIN preparers
per 10,000


Sources IRS and U.S. Census Bureau Note EFIN preparer data as of June 3, 2014; Population data from 2013 American Community Survey Produced by Kara Dapena