A smiling Miami Dolphins coach Don Shula leaves the field at Joe Robbie Stadium on Sept. 22, 1991. The Dolphins defeated the Green Bay Packers to give Shula his 300th victory. AP file

The series

Ever since businessman Joe Robbie and TV star Danny Thomas were awarded a franchise by the AFL on on Aug. 16, 1965, the Miami Herald has recorded the triumphs and tragedies of the Miami Dolphins. As the team enters its 50th season, the Herald celebrates the Dolphins' storied past and looks forward to a bright future with the series Fins at 50:

The team

Owner (editor)

John Devine

Coach (web producer/photo editor)

Adrian Ruhi

Quarterback (designer/developer)

Kara Dapena

Running backs (writers)

Edwin Pope, Greg Cote, Armando Salguero, Adam H. Beasley, Barry Jackson, David J. Neal, George Richards

Receivers (videographers)

José A. Iglesias, Jessica Bal, Justin Azpiazu

Fullbacks (associate videographers)

Karen Rundlet, Adrian Ruhi, Monika Leal

Offensive tackle (photo editor)

Noel Gonzalez

Guards (copy editors)

Edwin Martin, John Parkhurst

Statistician (statistician)

Mike Santell

Center (archivist)

Monika Leal


What's your favorite thing about the team?

Produced by Kara Dapena